Don’t Settle Before Calling a Semi-truck Accident Lawyer

Don’t Settle Before Calling a Semi-truck Accident Lawyer

Don’t Settle Before Calling a Semi-truck Accident Lawyer

Handling your car wreck claim on your own is always an option, but when it comes to a semi-truck wreck, it’s simply just not advised. Without a qualified semi-truck accident lawyer on your side, you could end up settling for much less than you’re actually due or even footing part of the blame (and the bill) for a wreck you didn’t cause!

The truth is, you should never handle a big rig wreck claim or accept any kind of settlement on your own before calling a semi-truck accident lawyer. A lawyer can:

  • Ensure you’re not getting low-balled – They’ll look at the insurer’s offer and make sure it is enough to cover all your car repairs, medical bills and any other expenses you may have incurred due to the wreck. They will even take into account intangibles, like pain, suffering and more.
  • Maximize your compensation Simply because of their experience handling accident claims, a lawyer may be able to quickly recognize other opportunities for damages. This means more money in your pocket!
  • Negotiate on your behalf – If the insurer’s offer isn’t up to snuff, a lawyer can effectively negotiate on your behalf. They can produce evidence, send over medical records and police reports, and work with the insurer to get you the offer you rightfully deserve.
  • Stand up for your rights – When semi-trucks are involved, it usually means a trucking company is, too. And these companies often have high-paid, expert lawyers on their side who will do anything to save their client money. If you have your own attorney, they’ll be able to stand up to these lawyers and make sure you’re not being taken advantage of or forced to accept part of the blame.
  • Threaten legal action – Finally, if you’re not getting the response you deserve from the insurer, a lawyer can threaten legal action and help you take them to court.

Were you recently in a truck accident? Don’t accept a settlement before calling a semi-truck accident lawyer! Call or email The Snow Law Firm to get connected to an experienced attorney today.

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