Making an Accident Claim: Determining What You’re Owed

Making an Accident Claim: Determining What You’re Owed

Making an Accident Claim: Determining What You’re Owed

When you’ve been in a wreck, the primary goal of making an accident claim is to recoup the damages and costs you’ve incurred. Often, though, when wrecks involve a number of drivers and injuries, several cars, and lots of property damage, it can be hard to calculate exactly how much you can recover.

We can help. If you’re making an accident claim, follow this list to tally up what your case should garner you:

  • Car and property damage – How much of your vehicle was damaged? Get a quote from an auto shop, and see what those damages will take to repair. If your car was totaled, check the Kelly Blue Book value for your car’s make and model. In the event items inside your car or on your property were damaged, get an estimate for those values as well.
  • Injuries and medical bills – If you were injured in the wreck, how much did you have to pay for diagnosing and treating those injuries? Be sure to include every co-pay, doctor’s visit, ER fees, X-rays, prescriptions and any other expenses you have incurred. If your injury will require further treatment, ask your doctor to outline a treatment plan, and get a cost and time estimate for that.
  • Other associated expenses – Did you incur any other cost as the result of the wreck? Did you have to rent a car to get to work? Pay for towing your damaged vehicle home? These should all be included in your claim, so be sure to save your receipts.
  • Lost wages and income – Did the accident keep you away from work or render you unable to complete your job? Did you have to schedule doctor’s appointments during work hours? Total up the hours and days you missed, and calculate how much income you lost during that time.

Once you’ve totaled all these up, you should have a rough estimate of what making an accident claim can earn you. For more specific help in determining your claim’s value, contact an attorney at the Snow Law Firm today.

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