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If you’ve been seriously injured, you need an advocate—someone who is not afraid of the big boys to fight for your legal rights. You need the best Personal Injury Attorney in your corner. In San Antonio your choice should be Corbin Snow III from The Snow Law Firm.

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Each year on Texas roads, hundreds of tragic accidents and needless deaths are caused by the negligent operation of cars, large trucks and commercial vehicles .


Corbin Snow III is your Car Accident Attorney in San Antonio


The injured parties are entitled to full reparation for these unnecessary accidents caused, not only by the drivers of the vehicle at fault, but also from the company that employes or has hired them. Additionally, government bodies may be held liable for treacherous road conditions, as well as auto manufactures compensating for flawed products.

Truck accidents on roads across San Antonio are commonly caused by:

  • Negligent driving e.g. speeding
  • Driver distraction
  • Substance abuse while operating a large vehicle
  • Poor maintenance of the truck
  • Faulty brakes and tires
  • Sub-par road conditions

The Snow Law Firm

If you have sustained a serious injury from such an incident in San Antonio, or across Southern Texas, you will need to employ the assistance of one of our  personal injury lawyer; at the Snow Law Firm. We are dedicated to ensuring that you get appropriately compensated. (210) 820-0020

It is not possible for you to fight such a legal battle alone. Contacting Attorney Corbin Snow III, a specialized San Antonio Personal Injury Attorney will dramatically increase your chances of winning the legal battle.

After contacting our offices, you will immediately speak to our experienced Car Accident Lawyer. We will record your specific case and come up with the best legal strategy.

Our devoted personal injury attorney will provide you with the most comprehensive and effective legal representation needed, as well as ensuring that the highest rate of compensation is achieved. Call us toll-free, for a no-fee consultation.

Injuries sustained as a result of trucking accidents include:

  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia caused by spinal damage
  • Severe brain Injury
  • Paralysis and nerve damage
  • Disfigurement, facial contusions and lacerations
  • Paraplegia and quadriplegia caused by spinal damage
  • Severe brain Injury
  • Paralysis and nerve damage
  • Disfigurement, facial contusions and lacerations

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