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Truck Accident Attorneys San Antonio

Few things cause more chaos on the highways and streets than a Truck Accident . If you had the misfortune to having suffered through one, you know that they are terrifying.  They can cause extensive damage, to the passenger of the smaller vehicles and sometimes even deaths. The Damage done and you are there to hold the stick, not only suffering from the injuries you have received in the Accident but also facing to battle the Insurance company of the driver who caused the accident.
Professional drivers operate under a very different set of rules and regulations than the general public — a much more stringent set. Yet they are subject to the same shortcomings we all are. Cell Phones are on the fore front. The distractions delivered by these small devices have a profound impact on the focus that needs to be placed on driving a Big Rig. The enormous destruction a Accident with a Commercial Vehicle can cause is mind boggling. having to deal with the aftermath of such an tragic incident, specially if you are still dealing with the injure received calls for a strategy calling an Attorney that is specialized in such cases. It also calls for an attorney who knows how to deal with 18 wheeler accidents and commercial licensure. The stall tactics of the Trucking Industry and their Insurance companies will ware you out, your best chance at a good result is a San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer with the specific expertise in these types of incidents. Any time you are involved in an Truck Accident and it was not your doing, you should get legal help and take the fight to the Insurance Companies from and with the competent San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney Corbin Snow III!

The statistics on accidents involving semi truck accidents are staggering. Injuries caused in a trucking accident are frequently severe, even fatal. It doesn’t take a physics genius to understand that if the average passenger vehicle weighs in around 4,000 pounds it doesn’t stand a chance against a fully loaded semi truck weighing 80,000 pounds.
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The USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) reports that when a semi truck or big rig is involved in a highway accident, it results in at least one death close to 98% of the time. They also report that in 75% of these accidents, the fault lies with someone or something other than the driver of the commercial vehicle. Many times the cause stems from poor maintenance or over-taxed trucks.San antonio Truck Accident Lawyer

It’s no wonder the U.S. federal government requires large trucks to carry sufficient liability insurance to adequately compensate victims should a truck cause, or contribute to, a collision.
Title 49, Section 387 of the United States Code of Federal Regulations establishes the minimum level of financial responsibility for motor carriers according to federal law. Trucks weighing over 10,000 and carrying non-hazardous cargo are required to maintain a liability insurance policy with a minimum limit of $750,000 for injuries to people and/or property. Trucks with a gross weight of under 10,000 pounds and carrying non-hazardous cargo must carry at least $300,000 in liability insurance at all times. These requirements increase if the truck is carrying hazardous cargo. A tractor-trailer hauling hazmat is required to carry at least $1 million in liability insurance and potentially as high as $5 million. Trucks under 10,000 pounds carrying hazardous materials are also required to have at least $5 million in liability insurance.

Clearly, no amount of compensation is worth the injuries that all too often occur in an accident involving a semi truck. At least if you or a loved one are injured in a Texas trucking accident, there is just, federally regulated compensation. The Snow Law Firm San Antonio Truck Accident Lawyer, Texas can work for you to bring the strongest case of negligence against the trucking company and driver if he or she is found to be at fault. Our firm and Truck Accident Attorney works with accident reconstruction specialists and safety experts to ensure that your case will get the fairest compensation.
With that in mind, it seems like hiring an attorney who specializes in 18 wheeler accidents is a no brainer, if you desire to have a favorable outcome in you lawsuit, call the Truck Accident Lawyer in San Antonio.

Seek help from the reliable San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney

If you are involved in such an accident, there are some things you can do to make the process easier on you and your attorneys.  As soon as you are able, write down everything that’s happened.  Make a note of anything said by other drivers, by police on the scene, and by emergency personnel – do not be intrusive when you do this, stand back and let them work.  Take photos at the scene if you are able.  If you can, write down the names of any potential witnesses as well.  A little preparation and a strong litigator on your side can be a tremendous load off your mind.  Contact the competent San Antonio Truck Accident Attorney at the Snow Law Firm today to obtain the help you need.

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