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San Antonio Car Accident Attorney

Car Accident Attorney San Antonio

Car accidents can be so taxing, even if it was not your fault. Minor collisions can be scary and cause damage to your car, your bank account, and even your driving record. Choosing a San Antonio Car Accident Attorney is crucial, since he or she will have specific knowledge of local laws and driving ordinances.  Regardless of who is at fault, the best thing you can do for yourself in the event of a car accident is to hire  San Antonio car accident Lawyers that have the specific knowledge and have great experience in these matters of personal injury from car or truck accidents in San Antonio.

Before you contact our Car Accident Attorney, there are a few things you should do.  Begin by writing down everything that happened—not a vague overview, and not just a rehash of what you told the police.  Write down every detail you can remember, even if it seems insignificant.  You’ll have plenty of time later to decide what’s unimportant.  Be sure to take photos of any damage to vehicles and their contents, and any injuries to people or animals.  If possible, take photos of the location where the accident took place.  You may even want to sketch out what happened. Next, make a list of all the losses incurred because of the accident: any destroyed valuables, missed work and lost pay, medical bills, and changes in your auto insurance should all be noted.  This will be important later when evaluating damages.

Know all of your rights after an Car Accident

It is not advisable to discuss legal aspects of the accident with the other parties involved.  You should, however, make a note of anything that is said.  Note, that it is illegal for non-law-enforcement individuals to record someone without his or her permission.  So if you choose to record conversations on a tablet or cell phone, be sure to notify the other party before you begin.  Hiring a San Antonio Car Accident Lawyer who is knowledgeable and firmly on your side can make a difficult situation far more bearable.  Being well prepared before you meet with your lawyer can also increase the chances of getting a positive outcome. Which means that you should have all the information recorded from the accident, such as pictures, names of the involved, the drivers license and insurance information from the other party or parties involved in the the car accident.    Contact The Snow Law Firm today to discuss your car accident lawsuit. You will not find  more compassionate Car Accident Attorneys in San Antonio, to help you get the results you desire.

Some Safety Tips for Car Drivers:

Child Strangulation Risks Posed by Seat Belts

Seat belts are for safety, but if played with, can become a strangulation risk for young children.

Bored in the backseat a young child starts pulling on the unused seat belt next to him and then idly wraps it around his neck. No big deal, just unwrap it you say? Because of the seat belt locking mechanisms you can’t. The seat belt won’t give any slack for you to pull it off, and suddenly your child is at great risk. In this situation, only way to free your child is by cutting the belt.

The problem happens when a child playing with the seat belt unknowingly activates the locking mechanism in the retractor. The purpose of the locking feature is to make car seat installation safer, but there are unintended consequences. Once the belt is locked, you cannot pull it out to create slack when it is needed.

Keep a seat belt cutter in your car. This inexpensive tool is often made to double as a window breaker for use in emergency water evacuations. It can easily be ordered online.

Teach your child not to play with the seat belt, but kids don’t always listen or absentmindedly may forget so, lock the seat belts that are not in use. To do this, latch the unused shoulder belt and let it all the way out. Next, slowly feed it back in, leaving the belt latched. This should lock the belt so that your child cannot pull the belt out until it has been unlatched again.

These options aren’t a replacement for closely supervising your child. Never leave children unattended in the car!

So if you find yourself in the position to having to contact our San Antonio Car Accident Attorney after an Auto Accident that was not your fault don’t hesitate to call The Snow Law Firm in San Antonio.

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