How You Can Help Prevent Construction Site Injuries

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How You Can Help Prevent Construction Site Injuries

How You Can Help Prevent Construction Site Injuries

According to the United States Department of Labor, 19 percent of all work-related fatalities each year occur in the construction industry. Additionally, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states that nearly four out of every 100 workers are victims of construction site injuries every year. Considering that there are more than 5.5 million construction workers across the country, those numbers are pretty significant.

Fortunately, if you work in the industry, you can help prevent these unfortunate construction site injuries and fatalities by protecting yourself, the people you work with and everyone around you by following these simple tips:

  1. Keep your area clean – Always keep your work area free of trash, debris and other items that could pose a hazard to other workers. Make sure the floor and all pathways are clear and that no cords, cables or other items could trip a passerby.
  2. Report unsafe conditions – If you ever spot an unsafe condition, like a rickety staircase, a spill on the ground or poorly-maintained lighting or electrical units, then be sure to report it. Try talking to your supervisor first, but if they won’t take action, file a formal complaint with OSHA.
  3. Put away tools and machinery – Once you’re done using them, always put away any tools, equipment or heavy machinery, and make sure everything is stowed safely and out of the way. And be sure to turn off and unplug any tools that you’re not using, as powered tools and equipment could present a hazard to anyone who tries to move or use the item next, especially if they don’t know they are on.
  4. Undergo all applicable training – Before taking on a new task or job, complete any recommended training programs or classes first. Never try to do a task you’re not prepared and trained to do – you could endanger yourself and those you work with.

Even if you follow these tips, there is still a chance that you or someone you know could fall victim to construction site injuries. If you are hurt at a construction site, contact The Snow Law Firm as soon as possible. We’ll help you get the compensation you deserve.

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