Though there’s no type of car accident that’s good, there are some kinds significantly worse than others. The worst of the bunch, by far, are 18-wheeler accidents.These wrecks wreak more havoc, rack up more bills, and cause more headache than any other type of accident. And unfortunately, if you’ve been the victim of one, there’s a long road ahead of you.

Here are just a few reasons why 18-wheeler accidents are so bad:

  1. They cause more damage. 18-wheeler wrecks are simply more dangerous. Because of the vehicle’s sheer weight and size, it’s much more common for victims to suffer car damage, property damage, injury, or even death as a result. This also means higher repair and medical bills, a longer recovery time, and more missed hours from work.
  2. There could be many at-fault parties. Typically, 18-wheelers are driven by employees of a trucking company. When one gets in a wreck, this means there are a number of possible at-fault parties. It could be the employer, the driver himself, the manufacturer of the truck, the person who loaded it, or even the last mechanic to look it over. This makes the post-accident process pretty confusing.
  3. Many trucking companies have their own lawyers. Most trucking companies have personal lawyers on retainer. When one of the employed drivers gets in a wreck, they spring into action, trying to mitigate the damage and lessen the amount their employer will have to pay out. Sometimes, this means pinning the blame on the unsuspecting victim.
  4. Evidence is harder to come by. The biggest piece of evidence in a truck accident case is the driver’s log book. This shows how long the driver was behind the wheel and how much sleep they’d had in the last couple of days. Unfortunately, it’s very common for these books to be destroyed after a wreck, as drivers attempt to protect themselves and their employers.

When it comes to 18-wheeler accidents, going it alone is never an option. If you’re a victim of a truck or 18-wheeler wreck, contact an experienced attorney at the Snow Law Firm as soon as possible. We’ll make sure your rights are represented, and help you get the compensation you deserve.