What You Need To Know Before Hiring A Construction Accident Lawyer

Serious accidents resulting in injuries occur when workplace safety standards are violated. Construction accidents are commonplace, and OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) has coined the term “Fatal Four” for the four most frequently occurring construction site injuries, which include:construction accident attorney san antonio
● Electrocutions
● Falls
● Getting caught between objects
● Being struck by an object

For many people, manual labor is their primary source of income, and an injury can affect them not only physically, but also in a financially negative manner. Unfortunately, construction work usually comes with possible risks, so it’s important that you know the steps you need to take if you are involved in a workplace accident.
If a construction injury occurs, you must:
1. Seek Medical Treatment Immediately
Hazardous chemicals and heavy equipment are all around construction sites, meaning severe injuries can be sustained when an accident happens. Even if your injuries are minor, you need to have any cuts or bruises documented by medical personnel, as this will be beneficial to your case.
2. Report the Accident

For the best possible outcome of your situation, it’s crucial that you inform your immediate supervisor, designated company contact, or HR representative of exactly what happened during the accident. Any sustained injuries, including minor ones, also need to be recorded. A record of the accident is necessary when filing a claim for monetary reparations, so cannot be ignored. These reparations can either come through your worker’s compensation or a third party.
3. Know Your Rights

All fifty states utilize some form of workers compensation. While the terms and rights of employees compensation vary, what it essentially means is that an employee has a right to receive compensation for any injuries sustained in the accident. You can obtain the information required to receive workers compensation coverage for your injuries from your supervisor. You shouldn’t sign any settlement offers before consulting with a lawyerConstruction Accident Attorney San Antonio.
How Can a Construction Accident Attorney Help?
An employee will usually receive a lesser amount if they receive the payment stated through their worker’s compensation rather than through a personal injury lawsuit. Several parties need to be held accountable for the injuries or accident, depending on the type of situation. Some examples of probable faults beyond primary workers compensation rights include:
● Negligent co-workers
● An employer that allowed risky working conditions
● A manufacturer whose equipment issues resulted in a work accident or injury

To take legal action if one or more of those parties are responsible for an accident, a third party claim against the negligent party will need to be registered by an attorney. In a lot of states, if an OSHA regulation violation results in an injury, the party deemed responsible and at fault would be the construction company. They would then be responsible for all injuries resulting from the accident.
After you’ve consulted with a construction accidents lawyer, the first step is that they will guide you on how to file a claim against the third party. The other measures involved include the actual filing of the claim, the attorney gathering any necessary evidence, a settlement being negotiated, and you may also be required to attend a trial.
If you have been involved in a construction accident, it’s vital that you consult with an attorney who can guide you through the correct procedures and steps that need to be taken in order to receive the best outcome.