Could You Be Blamed for Your Semi-truck Accident?

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Could You Be Blamed for Your Semi-truck Accident?

Could You Be Blamed for Your Semi-truck Accident?

Nothing is more frustrating than taking the blame for something you didn’t do. Unfortunately, this is an all-too-common occurrence when it comes to truck accidents. Because trucking companies usually employ very experienced (and expensive) lawyers, they’re often able to spin the claim so that the semi-truck accident blame falls on the victim, instead of the at-fault truck driver. Then, the victim is stuck covering the costs for all damages, injuries and other expenses that the wreck generated.

If you were in a semi-truck accident recently, there’s a chance you could be blamed, too. To see if you’re vulnerable, consider these questions:

  • Did you apologize or admit making an error to the driver, an insurance agent or on social media? If you said “sorry,” “my mistake” or something similar to the driver, their insurer or on publically-visible social media, that could be construed as admitting fault, and you may end up holding the blame for the wreck.
  • Did you make a driving error that may have been caught by traffic cameras or eyewitnesses? If you made any driving errors, even something as small as forgetting your blinker, it could be deemed a contributing factor in your accident. This could cut into the amount of compensation you’re due or negate it altogether.
  • Did you give a recorded statement to the driver’s insurance company? If you gave a recorded statement to the insurer, especially without consulting a lawyer first, then you could be in trouble. If any inconsistencies are found in your statement, it could make you look guilty and, ultimately, make you appear to be the at-fault driver.
  • Has the other driver lawyered up? If the truck driver (or their employer) has hired a lawyer to manage their claim, your chances of winning on your own are pretty slim. Your best bet is to hire a lawyer yourself, and even the playing field.

Were you recently involved in a semi-truck accident? Contact the Snow Law Firm today, and we’ll help ensure you get the compensation you deserve.

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